21 Aralık 2014
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Security around İmralı Island nurtures underwater life

The high security measures surrounding İmralı Island, where the jailed leader of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, is being kept, have nurtured underwater life in the area.

 "The high security measures executed around the island, whereby big ships and fishing boats are not allowed to enter, has nurtured underwater life," according to Raşit Kırkayak, an executive of the Triton Diving Center in İzmir.  

Convicted terrorist leader Abdullah Öcalan will be kept in a special prison in İmralı Island for nine years. The area is a high-security zone, where cargo carriers and fishing boats are not allowed to enter.

Kırkayak said they have observed significant underwater life around İmralı and a lot of other researchers have come to similar conclusions. "This means our seas can come alive again once they are protected. Coral formation in the area has started again. We can say that the underwater life in the area has changed completely".