21 Aralık 2014
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Insulation becomes compulsory in homes

Heat insulation regulations, which aim to make savings by reducing the amount of energy used for heating, have been revived and will be put into effect starting Nov. 1, said Kubilay Ulu, the head of the Heat Insulation Industrialists' Association.

The heat insulation projects of new buildings and modifications in existing buildings must be carried out according to the standards of the TS 825 regulations, said Ulu, adding that this situation in turn would pave the way for more efficient energy use. Residents in buildings that are heated with room heaters will have to install insulation between both the walls and floors, according to the new standard, said Ulu. Residents will also have to use insulated windows from now on according to the new standard, he added.

The fact that all the modifications to buildings, from changing windows to heat insulation, have to be carried out in tandem with the new standard has been an extremely significant improvement, both for the industry and consumers, said Ulu. This will in turn facilitate growth in the industry he said, noting that consumers would also feel the luxury of living in warmer houses thanks to these developments.