23 Aralık 2014
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Alanya to attract foreigners for hunting tourism

Antalya's Alanya district in southern Turkey is becoming more and more popular among foreign tourists who are beginning to soar into the city with the beginning of the hunting season.

"The tourism agents are holding various hunting programs for tourists engaged in hunting in the district. It is allowed to hunt for wild goat, pig and partridge, and the legal quota for hunting includes a total of 5 wild goats, 4 of which are to be in Alanya and 1 of which is to be in Gazipaşa district," said Mevlüt Kodal, an engineer at Alanya Nature Protection and National Parks.

The tourists would be guided by experts appointed for the hunting sport, said Kodal, adding that those who wanted to hunt for wild goat in the district would be required to pay YTL 4,500 while those who want to hunt for wild pig have to pay YTL 1,200.

"We hold hunting parties on request from tourism agents. Especially tourists coming from England, Denmark, America and Russia greatly enjoy hunting. A group coming from Denmark has recently been hunting in the Dimçayı region. Also, four Danish hunters are hunting for wild pig," said Kodal.

Kodal said an average number of 100 wild pigs were hunted in the hunting season in Alanya.  He said there are some conditions for hunting; those who want to engage in the sport have to own a gun licence and they have to carry the licence with the gun while hunting. It is also compulsory to carry a hunting certificate and hunting stamp. The hunting days are only Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday; it is definitely not permitted to hunt on other days.

Illegal hunting will be punished severely, and the local residents are expected to inform the authorities of any case of unauthorised hunting.