23 Aralık 2014
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Fire breaks out at Manisa landfill

A fire broke out following a minor explosion early yesterday at Manisa landfill, located 500 meters from residential areas near the Spill Mountain. The flames, fueled by methane, covered 20 hectares of the 50-hectar landfill. Firefighters battled the fire with seven trucks and had it under control at noon.

Manisa Fire Department Chief Ali Gül, who led the battle against the fire, said the teams' quick response helped control the fire before it grew and posed a threat to the houses nearby. He said immediate action should be taken to prevent further fires.

"An area of 50 hectares was burned down last month in the same landfill," he said. "That fire helped discharge some of the methane gas in the landfill. If it was not for that fire, [Sunday's] explosion could have been much bigger, and it could have caused tragedy. This landfill has completed its life and poses a major threat. We must take precautions and shut it down if possible."