20 Aralık 2014
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Antalya's Alanya district attracts foreigner buyers

A total of 41,182 houses in Turkey have been sold to foreigners. Alanya distrtrict in Antalya, in the south, is the location of 12,331 of those homes, or 29.9 percent of the total number of sales, according to research conducted by the Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALTSO).

Antalya also ranks first in the total number of foreigners who have bought property with 17,871 people, or 24.4 percent.

The research also shows that Alanya is the district of Antalya foreigners prefer the most. Antalya has witnessed the sale of 17,850 houses to the foreigners, 12,331 of which are located in Alanya. However, the district is not so popular for land sales; the number of land sales to foreigners is 20,903, only 501 of which were in Alanya. This comprises only 2.4 percent of the total number of land sales.

"The results of the research by ALTSO show that Alanya is the most favorite place for foreigners to purchase houses in Turkey, while the district is not as much preferred for the purchase of land," said Kerim Taç, chairman of the Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who noted that there is no need to worry about property sales to foreigners. "Foreign people preferring Antalya and Alanya to invest in will contribute to the further development of the district. We hope that the new regulations will facilitate us to make good use of this opportunity," added Taç.

Some 10 percent of the residential areas will be open to foreign purchases according to the new regulations, said Taç, noting that this would contribute greatly to the growth of the real estate sector.

"Alanya has 11,599 hectares that are residential, only 146 hectare of which have been sold to foreigners so far. This comprises 1.3 percent of the total number. Only 8.7 percent of land zoned residential is permitted to be sold to foreigners. Some 17,871 foreign people have bought 146.13 hectares of land so far, according to the February 2008 data. The immovable properties bought so far comprises 0.8 per thousand of the district's total area. We do not expect this case to cause any difficulty for the future of the district in the event that the new legislation is passed," said Taç.