18 Aralık 2014
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Antalya attracts port investments

Antalya, a popular tourism spot on mediterranean coast, draws in great amounts of investments, for new marina projects. As the ongoing projects near completion, the city is expected to become attractive for yachting sector
Investments in marinas are gathering speed due to the lack of facilities concerning yacht mooring, maintenance, repair and stopover in Turkey, a Turkish shipping official has said.

There are approximately 387,000 yachts in the Mediterranean countries, said Hasan Kaçmaz, vice chairman of the Antalya Branch of the Istanbul, Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea Regions (İMEAK) Chamber of Shipping (DTO). Turkey has over 11,000 yachts, constituting only 4 percent of the Mediterranean yacht capacity, Kaçmaz said.

 Plans for 2008 and 2009 

The Gazipaşa Yacht Port in Antalya will start operating in 2009 while the Alanya Yacht Port will start offering services in 2008. The Kaş-Bucak Marina has been put up for tender and is expected to be complete in 2009, said Kaçmaz.

"The yacht ports in the investment phase in Antalya will have a total capacity of 1,297 yachts. Antalya's yacht capacity will increase 100 percent when they start operating. At present, marinas in our region have a capacity of approximately 1,400 yachts," Kaçmaz said.

Capacity to increase two-fold

The Karaöz Municipality Marina, Antalya Lara Marina, Manavgat Marina and yacht manufacture and slip area projects are awaiting approval, said Kaçmaz. "With the implementation of projects that will be complete in two to three years, the marinas in Antalya will have a capacity of 3,483 yachts. The increase will be more than twice the existing capacity. The permission of some 16 institutions is required for these projects," he said. There are also plans for projects with a capacity of 1,500 yachts in the rivers of the Antalya region, said Kaçmaz. "Will the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality be able to invest in these? Will the municipality be able to allocate financing? It has to do so. Some 92 percent of yacht ports in France are managed by port presidencies, municipalities or the public," he said.

New areas should be created for citizens to moor their boats, said Kaçmaz. Besides the annual mooring cost of YTL 3,000, maintenance, repair and other costs create a significant burden for middle class citizens, Kaçmaz said.

Antalya will become very attractive in the near future in the yachting and marina sector, said Kaçmaz. Many foreign yachts come to Antalya, said Kaçmaz, adding, "more foreign yachts will come. However, there is no space available." Kemer Türkiz Marina and Çelebi Marina in Antalya are full, said Kaçmaz and added, "there is no place in Kaleiçi, either. In two years' time, Antalya will also be full. Four marinas in Bodrum, five in Marmaris and four in Göcek are full. There are not enough marinas in the Antalya region, which has 648 kilometers of coastline."