18 Aralık 2014
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'Operation Bat' launched

Some 20,000 bats living in the area around the Havran Dam reservoir will be saved thanks to a project by the State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) currently in the pipeline, the 25th district manager, Şahin Durukan, told the Doğan news agency.

The Havran Dam is almost completed and a total of 20,000 bats of nine different species live in İnönü, Deveadamı, Karanlık, Aydınlık and Andık Caves in the İnboğazı Region, Durukan said. The bats are considered to be "the biggest colony of Europe." Durukan said the bats' existence was very important for agriculture in the region.

"The bats go hunting at night, and they can hunt 150 kilograms of bugs each night. If they do not hunt, we have to use chemical pesticides.  Therefore, they have to live.  At first, we thought they would probably move to other caves in the area.  The European Union is also interested in the subject.  We had an expert prepare a report. A cave 350 meters long will be dug in the hills in the region," said Durukan.