19 Aralık 2014
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Healthy living is born in Turkey

The LifeCo was founded by a Turk who saw the pros of healthy living after a 7-day detoxification program in Thailand. He now hopes he can convince Turks and Europeans of the benefits of living well


There is a home grown Turkish name in the budding healthy lifestyle industry whose mission is to change how Turks and Europeans eat and live, by setting a higher life standard: The LifeCo.

The LifeCo was founded by the former general manager of Ericsson, 50-year-old Ersin Pamuksüzer in 2004; a businessman who wanted to get out of the corporate world's rut.

“I wanted to shift from an executive lifestyle. I had enough as an operational guy.”

Pamuksüzer was looking for a new way of living when he joined his first detoxification program in 2002 in Thailand upon the recommendation of a friend.  He was so impressed with how much better he looked and felt afterwards - increased energy, loss of excess weight, brighter eyes and skin, better sleep, easier digestion, improved mood and clearer state of mind – that he started to explore alternative health treatments and philosophies around the world by practicing Vipassana meditation, visiting different wellness centers and studying various wellness disciplines.

“I was shocked about how little I knew about my body as opposed to how much I knew about running a company,” he said.

Full lifestyle approach:

With an organic raw food restaurant in Istanbul, a spa in Bodrum and an experience center in Kuruçesme, the company is geared to take on the stress and challenge of Turkish middle class malaise, helping its customer's come a little closer to nature. A The LifeCo Day Detox Center, Spa and Juice Bar will open next month in Akatlar, Istanbul in partnership with Club Sporium.

 The healthy living company's aim is to provide its customers with the tools to incorporate healthier choices into their lifestyles without having to isolate themselves from family, friends and society.

Tolga Gemicioğlu, the business development manager of The LifeCo said that their aim is to empower people to improve their quality of life. “The modern life we live does not suit our nature,” he said. Whatever does not exist in nature, our DNA cannot process it so it starts a degenerative cycle. “The LifeCo wants to give people experience, knowledge, practical solutions and the environment so people can manage the modern environment around them in a better way,” said Gemicioğlu.

The boom of organic, healthy, raw food market has only provided European customers bits and pieces of the healthy lifestyle puzzle, with specialized products such as daily supplements and oils, or facilities such as spas, restaurants and juice bars. 

“We are the only ones in Europe that do this kind of full lifestyle approach. No one is doing it as a complete lifestyle system for retaining good health with a few elements,” said Pamuksüzer.

The LifeCo is already eyeing the international market and will be expanding to the U.K. this fall and possibly Germany and Sweden later on.

The difference:

Pamuksüzer pulls out a necklace to reveal a flat device that wards off the electromagnetic field generated by electronic devices and wireless communications. It's called the Qlink Pendant and will soon be distributed through The LifeCo. Athletes use it often to increase their endurance and strength and to give them an edge. He said that in this lifestyle management, the most important advice is “Make the difference between filling yourself and nurturing yourself.” While the most effective product on the The LifeCo list is a super food supplement based on 40 different herbs called Vitamineral Green.

His own transformation did not happen automatically he admits, but the benefits of changing your diet and cleansing your body are addictive. “It did not happen overnight. You get stuck to this lifestyle cause you see the benefit.

The LifeCo as part of its educational strategy invited a special guest, Udo Erasmus, from Canada this month to speak to Istanbulites about healthy living and the need for essential fatty acids, Omega-3 and Omega-6.

The cure-all oil:

Erasmus has devoted the last 20 years of his life promoting healthy living along with an oil blend he concocted that balances Omega-3 and Omega-6. “It's more of a brand than an oil,” he said to the Turkish Daily News, “this is about standards.” The oil is also distributed through The LifeCo.

He claims that his oil can help your body start a process of regeneration and detoxification by adding both essential fatty acids into your diet. No one gets enough Omega 3 for optimum health through diets and bodies cannot produce it.

The first thing he did when he chose his healthy lifestyle 20 years ago, was to throw out the cooking oils, and go to saunas to sweat out toxins in his body. He ate better greens and good fats and protein. He said that he had arthritis at the age of 38 and now at 65 has no pain in his knees.

“Your body needs an oil change just like your car does,” he explained.

Erasmus – like The Life Co. – purports that life invented health and not pharmaceuticals, and that health is encoded through the DNA, which helps us to live healthy if we live in line with nature.

“Raw, fresh, whole and organic. That is the life standard,” said Erasmus.

For more information on the LifeCo visit http://www.thelifeco.com/

Where to find essential fatty acids


Flax seeds (Keten in Turkish)


Pumpkin seeds

Hemp (Kenevir)


Sunflower seeds are especially good

Most nuts and seeds – sesame, almonds, etc.

Hemp and walnuts are recognized as particularly good sources of both in a balanced ratio, with hemp being the best. Find them at the Spice Bazaar in Eminonu.

Saf Organic Bistro & Martini Bar

The first pure vegetarian food establishment at Tünel in Istanbul, Turkey.

All-organic martini and wine bar and organic juicery.

Tel: 0212 245 7870.

The LifeCo Experience Center Kuruçeşme

The Kuruçeşme center offers massage therapies, floatation tanks, yoga, meditation, organic juice bar and a variety of other activities.

Kırbaç Sok. No:14 Kuruçeşme-İstanbul-Türkiye

Tel: 0 212 287 16 92-93

Bodrum Detox Center

Offers a purification break that incorporates various therapies, exercises, meditation, yoga, energy work and guidance on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Bağarası Mahalle Ada Otel Çaprazı Göltürkbükü – Bodrum

 Tel: 0 252 377 6310