23 Aralık 2014
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Too many questions, but not enough answers

Too many questions, but not enough answers
TDN-ee, Agenda by Fehmi Koru, June 8, 19998 June,1999, Copyright © Turkish Daily News 

Too many questions, but not enough answers

Agenda By Fehmi Koru

Ankara - Turkish Daily News

We are satisfied with our task when we recognize that our message has reached its intended audience. Authorship is an interactive process; when my interlocutor in an issue I raise in my article takes the trouble to give me a reply, I write the next article more carefully. The reason for the deterioration of the media is possibly the lack of interaction, who would want to write inscriptions to a void or address deaf ears?

The trial in Imrali puts a series of sub-questions on the agenda. When we check, on the basis of previously obtained information, the indictment of the prosecutor and the statements made by Abdullah Ocalan to defend himself, questions which were addressed to the suspect by the judge and the replies which were given by the suspect seem to be in limbo. What is more interesting is that there are many issues that were not specified by the suspect or the public prosecutor. During the trial, for me, it has been very interesting that the public prosecutor has never mentioned the series of claims against the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and that Ocalan has never talked about the matters which he has talked about before. However, even if all these issues were spoken on, there is a great possibility that questions would still be left in the air.

The educational life of the leader of this terrorist organization is full of unknowns. After graduating from Title Deeds and Cadastral High School, Abdullah Ocalan was given a post in the Diyarbakir Title Deeds Office. As we all know, it is very difficult for a new employee to transfer to a different city but Ocalan managed to transfer to Istanbul's Bakirkoy province after only a month.

He entered the Istanbul Law Faculty but after a year he transferred to the Ankara Political Science Faculty -- although it was difficult to transfer from a law faculty to a political science faculty. According to the law, it is impossible for anyone who is over 21 or who has been involved in demonstrations to get a scholarship. And yet the Ministry of Finance gave Ocalan a scholarship when he was 24 despite the fact that he had been taken before a martial law court. It was more than 10 years before his registration at the Political Science Faculty was cancelled and his scholarship was revoked. What is more interesting is that the public prosecutor of the martial law court acquitted Abdullah Ocalan even though he had asked for the maximum sentence at the beginning of Ocalan's trial for staging leftist demonstrations.

There are many blanks in Abdullah Ocalan's organizational adventure still to be filled in. He was known as a supporter of the "right wing" when he was in high school. His wife Kesire, who is not of Kurdish origin, was also a person who attended "rightist" activities at that time. Those who helped them while they were trying to establish PKK in the 1970s are also suspicious people. For example, Necati Kaya, who introduced himself as "a pilot who was dismissed from the military because of being a Kurd." All the preparations for the organization were held in his house and he continuously found financial support for the organization. Pilot Necati had even suggested to them that they assassinate Sabiha Gokcen, who is known as "Ataturk's pilot." After a long while Kaya suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Journalist Ugur Mumcu, who was assassinated while doing research on these subjects, wrote that Ali Yildirim, Ocalan's father-in-law, was known as a person who has "relations with the National Intelligence Organization" (MIT). Yesterday, in one of the newspapers (Sabah Newspaper, Hulusi Turgut's article) it was claimed that this PKK supporter, who had begged earnestly to the people who organized the operation by saying "do not separate me from my president" when he was on the plane from Kenya to Turkey,is actually an MIT agent. I would not take this information into consideration if our colleague, who has voiced this claim, was not so close to President Suleyman Demirel and did not obtain this information from a dependable source.

We are all sharing the pain of the martyrs' families. Isn't it strange for a person who we hold responsible for the deaths of 30,000 people, who is the instigator of a separatist terrorist campaign that has used up the most valuable resources of the country, a man who has forced us to waste the last 15 years and who has undermined the domestic peace to have such "mysteries" in his life? Let me tell you the strangest thing of all: I collected most of this information from what Ocalan said. Even Ocalan himself says he find some coincidences strange.

Ocalan's statements to journalist Chris Kutshera when he was in Rome is also mind boggling (el-Wasat, Jan. 25, 1999). Ocalan gave the names of military officials who were in indirect contact with him for the last two years and he also stated that "we have reached an agreement on a six article solution plan." In his trial he mentioned the names of Turgut Ozal, Mesut Yilmaz and Necmettin Erbakan, but he did not refer to the el-Wasat claim. He contented himself with presenting a "bargaining note" to the court, which brings to mind the things he told Kutshera during the interview in Rome.

He asked, "Who is the mysterious mediator?" in one of the newspapers. Fortunately, yesterday the Turkish General Staff made a declaration which boiled down to, "We never talked to anybody." But it is necessary for the Turkish General Staff to investigate this issue in detail in order to eliminate any possible suspicions.

However, there has to be explanations to all these strange oddities we are faced with. Are the claims true about Kesire's father Ali Yildirim and "pilot" Necati Kaya, which indicate that they have close relations with MIT? Had Ocalan been closely observed by MIT until he went to Kenya? MIT can answer these questions and should answer. The coincidences in his educational life can be cleared up by the Ministry of Education, the Higher Education Council (YOK) and the Treasury Ministry. I am sure the files of the martial law courts were not terminated and Ministry of Justice can explain why Ocalan was acquitted, despite the fact that he was asked to be punished.

I mentioned this at the very beginning; nowadays, interaction is very important in the field of communication, the author and the interpreter can be satisfied with the responses to their questions. How can we understand that we are not talking to walls?

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