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METU and DEU to protect the environment from air

METU and DEU to protect the environment from air  » Hunger striking inmate hospitalized in Aydin  » Military plane crashes, pilots safe  » Baykal comments on local by-election results  » Turkey loses court battle for return of artifacts  » Turks in top telecom league - report  » TEDAS committee to close file on Nov. 25  » Sabanci: "We should introduce quality into politics"  » Hunger strikes in prisons not over  » Fourth Turkish Urban Planning Congress at Mimar Sinan  » The left attacks the government over mysterious accident  » Turkes rejects connections between Catli and the MHP  » Minister Yucel says Hajj issue is used as a tool for defamation  » "Traffic Monster" reveals state- mafia relations  » DYP reveals concern over the accident  » Group launches campaign to protect birds from extinction  » Yilmaz: "The incident only the tip of an iceberg"
Turkish Daily News Electronic Edition, Domestic News Section
  • 6 November, 1996, Copyright © Turkish Daily News

  • Domestic News Page Contents
  • METU and DEU to protect the environment from air
  • Hunger striking inmate hospitalized in Aydin
  • Military plane crashes, pilots safe
  • Baykal comments on local by-election results
  • Turkey loses court battle for return of artifacts
  • Turks in top telecom league - report
  • TEDAS committee to close file on Nov. 25
  • Sabanci: "We should introduce quality into politics"
  • Hunger strikes in prisons not over
  • Fourth Turkish Urban Planning Congress at Mimar Sinan
  • The left attacks the government over mysterious accident
  • CHP to table an investigation proposal about the mysterious traffic accident
  • DSP leader accuses security forces for cooperating with mafia
  • Turkes rejects connections between Catli and the MHP
  • Minister Yucel says Hajj issue is used as a tool for defamation
  • "Traffic Monster" reveals state- mafia relations
  • DYP reveals concern over the accident
  • Group launches campaign to protect birds from extinction
  • Yilmaz: "The incident only the tip of an iceberg"

  • METU and DEU to protect the environment from air

    Turkish Daily News

    ANKARA- Middle East Technical University (ODTU) and Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology started work on developing a 'Remote Monitoring System,' which will enable rapid and detailed determination of sea and land pollution, illegal construction and forest fires, the Anatolia news agency reported.

    Professor Orhan Uslu told Anatolia that the system involves a digital camera, a computer and a Global Positioning System (GSP) device, all of which are installed in an aeroplane of helicopter. Uslu said that with the system the coordinates and the picture of a desired place is loaded on the computer.

    "The picture and the coordinates intersect each other. you can load all types of information onto this picture which is in the form of a map. You can create the synthesis you want in a very short time. Besides, it is possible to transfer the picture to any other place you want," explained Professor Uslu.

    Noting that the system facilitates the assessment of a to-be-built factory's effect on the trees in the area, Uslu said that a single flight over the area will provide the necessary information on the characteristics of a pine tree, the soil in the area, the situation of underground water and the level of pollution in the area, and added that the system will eliminate the necessity to work for a long time to produce Environmental Impact Assessments.

    An advantage of the system is that it is more cost-effective than a satellite, Uslu notes. "We pay about $3,000-4,000 for a single satellite picture, while the cost of the system is equal to the expenses of a single flight over the area."

    Noting that the system will be put on trial at the end of the year, Uslu said: "This system, starting out from a turbulence in some part of the sea, can determine the level of pollution and its spreading. Therefore, we are planning to use the system in the Izmir Bay, where we have been carrying out studies for years."

    Uslu explained that the system can also be useful in determining illegal constructions, the biggest problem of local administrations in Turkey. He noted that The comparison of pictures taken at different times can reveal where illegal construction is going on. Another benefit of the system is with respect to forest fires, which, Uslu explains, can be prevented through constant monitoring.

    Noting that the system will also form an important and comprehensive archive, uslu urged that the implementation of new technologies developed to solve Turkey's environmental problems should not be delayed.

    Hunger striking inmate hospitalized in Aydin

    Turkish Daily News

    ANKARA- An inmate in Aydin prison was hospitalized, while 22 of the 90 prisoners on their 44th day of hunger strike are in critical condition, the Anatolia news agency reported.

    Ali Kaya (24) was taken to Aydin State hospital due to stomach bleeding. It was reported that he had refused medical treatment. Another prisoner, Harun Gul, is unable to keep down water, while the rest are suffering from malaise, excessive nausea and partial paralysis.

    Military plane crashes, pilots safe

    Turkish Daily News

    ANKARA- A Turkish Air Force F-4 jet crashed near the southeastern city of Batman while on a training flight on Tuesday but the pilots ejected safely, the Anatolia News Agency said.

    The "Phantom" plunged into nearby fields shortly after taking off from its base at Erhac, Malatya due to "a yet undetermined reason," the agency said quoting a statement from the Turkish General Staff.

    The pilot and the weapons operator of the twin-seat jet managed to bail out and used their parachutes but were reportedly hospitalized for injuries, apparently due to a rough landing.

    Turkey is about to conclude a deal with Israel for the upgrading of its aging fleet of Vietnam War-vintage F-4 jets. The home-manufacture of modern F-16 jets has enabled the Turkish Air Force to decommission F-104 starfighters which had a notoriously frequent rate of crash.

    Baykal comments on local by-election results

    TDN Parliament Bureau

    ANKARA- Republican People's Party (CHP) leader Deniz Baykal said that results of the recent local by-elections were indicators of the marked decrease in support for the ruling Welfare Party (RP). Baykal predicted that the RP would lose many of its voters in the next general elections.

    The CHP leader, speaking at his party's parliamentary group meeting, said that the 7.5 percent increase in votes for the True Path Party (DYP) in the recent by-elections did not mean a gain in strength for that party, nor did it mean that the DYP was weakened and dying, contrary to general expectations. Baykal said that the two point rise in votes for the CHP was expected.

    Baykal pointed out that the Democratic Left Party (DSP) had not participated in the elections and claimed that its votes had shifted to the DYP and the Motherland Party (ANAP), except for a small portion which went to the CHP. Baykal also argued that ANAP had lost 8 percent of its votes and had fallen behind the CHP. Baykal said that ANAP, DYP and RP could not be alternatives to each other and that the only solution was social democracy.

    The rise in votes for the CHP in this by-election proved that the solution for Turkey was social democracy, Baykal concluded.

    Turkey loses court battle for return of artifacts

    Turkish Daily News

    ANKARA- The Culture Ministry has lost the court battle for the return of five Phrygian stelas now found in the Antiken Museum in Basel, Switzerland, the Anatolia news agency reported. The defeat weakened hopes for the return of other treasures such as the treasures of Troy which were smuggled out of Turkey.

    In 1989, officials from the General Directorate of Monuments and Museums working under the Culture Ministry identified five of the stelas -- taken from tombs -- in the catalogue of the Antiken Museum as being of Anatolian origin and belonging to the group of 'Phrygian Tomb Stelas' dated B.C. 100-200.

    When Thomas Drew-Bear, who had taken photographs of the stelas while carrying out research in Kutahya in 1973, informed the Culture Ministry that he would testify in court, the Culture Ministry filed a complaint against the Antiken Museum in 1989. The Swiss court trying the case issued an injunction in Dec. 1990, at Turkey's request, to prevent the museum from selling the artifacts.

    In Aug. 1995, the court ruled against Turkey. Ministry officials then appealed to the Swiss court of appeals, which once again ruled against Turkey. Between the years 1989 and 1993, Turkey spent approximately $3.6 million in cases filed for the return of artifacts which had been smuggled out of Turkey to Switzerland.

    Officials from the Culture Ministry said that in addition to the ineffective job done by the law firm responsible for defending Turkey there were some specials pressures involved in the case, which is the first one to be filed against a state museum. Some feared that the case would set a precedent for others involving artifacts taken from Anatolia and now found in European museums.

    Turkey is still fighting for the return of the Kharum treasure, the Elmali coins, the torso of the Heracles statue, a church and the Kumluca treasure, the Troy treasure, the Bogazkoy sphinx, and the Zeus altar from Bergama.

    Turks in top telecom league - report

    Turkish Daily News

    ANKARA- Turkey is retaining its top place among the countries with the best telecommunications technology available to the public, the Anatolia news agency reported on Tuesday, quoting a survey published in Turk Telekom, the monthly publication of the company of the same name operating Turkey's privatized telephone services.

    The number of telephone subscribers tripled from four million in 1987 to 12.2 million in 1994, the survey noted. A more notable fact was the explosion in the use of cellular phones which put Turkey, with 546,000 subscribers, ahead of Japan, a world leader in communications technology.

    The report entitled "Where Do We Stand in the World in Communications?" noted that the world average of digital exchanges, 35 percent of the total in 1987, had reached 69 percent in the following seven years and Turkey had kept pace with the trend with the ratio rising from 30 to 56 percent within the same period. The trend was also visible in the proliferation of the public phones using tokens or cards, the survey reportedly noted.

    But what singled out Turkey was the popular demand for pagers and particularly for cellular phones, with portable gadgets providing instant communication -- and status-- to "even the children playing in the park, students on the campuses and young lovers talking to each other in different commuter buses," the survey reportedly said.

    TEDAS committee to close file on Nov. 25

    TDN Parliament Bureau

    ANKARA- The parliament committee responsible for investigating charges of corruption in the bids of the Turkish Electricity Distribution firm (TEDAS) opened during Foreign Minister Tansu Ciller's term of office as prime minister has come to the last stages of its investigation. Tansu Ciller on Monday sent a six-page defense statement to the committee, which summoned her to testify.

    Metin Bostancioglu from the Democratic Left Party (DSP), who is the head of the investigative committee on TEDAS, announced that the committee decided to hear Ciller and that she sent a defence statement instead of attending the committee session. Noting that the committee had come to the last stages of its investigation, Bostancioglu said: "Tansu Ciller's defense statement will be investigated by a subcommittee and then we will start to work on writing the committee's report. We will try to complete the report by Nov. 25 and submit it to the parliament speaker's office."

    The investigative committee had difficulty in trying to find a concrete relationship between Tansu Ciller, prime minister at the time, and accusations. It is expected that the committee, which will work for three more weeks, will say in its report that there is no need to try Tansu Ciller at the Constitutional Court.

    There are two other investigative committees investigating Tansu Ciller's properties and the bids of TOFAS.

    Sabanci: "We should introduce quality into politics"

    Turkish Daily News

    ISTANBUL- The executive board chairman of Sabanci Holding, Sakip Sabanci, said on Tuesday while evaluating the Turkish European Total Quality Award winning company Brisa, that: "Our target now should be to introduce quality into politics."

    Speaking at Brisa's Seventh Amelioration Conference, Sabanci said in his opening speech that the award had been won due to the work of all the company's workers, technicians and executives.

    He then went on to say that Total Quality was a result of a long journey, and evaluated the awards as the stations on this long road.

    "When the concept of `as strong as a Turk' is transformed to `as qualified as a Turk,' we will be right to start to feel that integration with the world has already achieved an important level," he said.

    Sabanci then pointed out that the awards were also the symbols of respect for humanity and society, and added: "Brisa has to now inform society about its deeds. Consequently, people will become more aware of the subject."

    He continued by saying that: "Our target will now be to introduce quality into politics. We hope Ankara will hear our voice and take this success as an example." Sabanci also emphasized the importance of education in this.

    The chairman of Brisa, Ahmet Piker, then went on togive his company's evaluation of the significance of the award.

    "When we evaluate ourselves using international criteria, we see that the Total Quality Method permits us to be competitive in the world league," he said.

    Piker also stated that this modern management philosophy, that was preparing European countries for the 21st century, was affecting companies as deeply as the Renaissance of the Middle Ages.

    "There is a link between the reasons why only five companies in Europe have accepted this philosophy," he added.

    Hunger strikes in prisons not over

    By Zeki Ayyk / Turkish Daily News

    ISTANBUL- The hunger strikes continuing in Konya, Aydin and Amasya prisons are moving closer to fatalities. The Justice Ministry, which remained silent at the deaths of 12 prisoners during the hunger strikes last July over new prison regulations, is also keeping silent over the new hunger strikes that have now reached their 40th day.

    On November 4, a total of 250 prisoners joined the hunger strike started by 50 prisoners on September 27 at Konya prison.

    The chairman of the Modern Lawyers Association, Senal Sarihan, said that the health of the majority of the prisoners who started the hunger strike on September 27 is getting worst. Sarihan said that Justice Minister Sevket Kazan hadn't accepted their request to meet concerning the hunger strikes, and said: "We are entering a period when to demand for rights in prisons concludes with death."

    It was reported that the health conditions of the prisoners who had previously made hunger strikes were entering a dangerous periods on the 40th day of their strike.

    Meanwhile, the relatives of the prisoners who are on hunger strike await news anxiously. The families who have demanded to see the prison's attorney and attorney general with Esber Yagmurdereli from the Prison Observation Committee, said that if they were not able to get any result from their initiatives in Konya, they would go to Ankara.

    Initiatives without results

    The initiatives of the lawyer Gulizar Tuncer from the Human Rights Association Prisons Observation Committee, who went to Amasya prison in order to find a solution to the hunger strike of the prisoners, have concluded without any result.

    Meeting the prisoners and their families and asking their requests, Tuncer spoke with Amasya prison chairman Recep Ors and Republic Attorney General Ihsan Eroglu. However, the prison management considered their requests impossible to realize and the initiatives came to nothing.

    Requests denied

    The Prison Observation Commission representative, lawyer Gulizar Tuncer, outlined the requests of the prisoners.

    "To procure the necessary environment in order to develop social and sporting activities between cells; to celebrate the New Year and the bayrams together; to resolve the problems between the prison management and the prisoners; the possibility of the prisoners entering other cells in order to establish a healthy and systematic dialogue."

    Kaplan also said that the attorney general had agreed to meet once a week 4 female prisoners and one male prisoner, but this proposal hadn't been accepted by the prisoners.

    The prisoners health deteriorating

    Ali Kaya, a prisoner at Aydin prison, was taken to hospital Sunday because of stomach bleeding. In addition, it was reported that the health conditions of the other prisons were getting worse every day and that doctors had not been permitted into the cells.

    Fourth Turkish Urban Planning Congress at Mimar Sinan

    Turkish Daily News

    ISTANBUL- The Fourth Turkish Urban Planning Congress, organized by the Chamber of City Planers, Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Architecture and the Department of Public Housing Administration (TOK˜), is to be held in Istanbul between November 6 and 8.

    The main topics that will be discussed at the congress are the relationship between the city, culture and social harmony; the ins and outs of the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements, Habitat II -- held earlier this summer in Istanbul -- and urban ways to overcome antidemocratic obstacles.

    Several faculty members and institutions will present speeches and documents, one of them being the Urban Dynamics Institute, a nonprofit organization which approaches the urban domain and urbanology from a political angle and aims at the re-humanization of the physical environment and the re-communalization, via the city, of citizens who, it feels, have been abstracted from existence through individualization.

    In the Urban Dynamics Institute's Programme, the city creates humans, while on the other hand, humans create the city -- adding that the citizens believe that the responsibility for creating the city lies with town planners, urban designers and administrators who make decisions and implement them. It is also expressed in the programme that, in our day and age, such powers of the respective authorities have all been nullified, adding that the city is shaped by forces which manipulate urban dynamics behind the scenes and claiming that everywhere throughout the world these forces are the representatives of the ruling classes. Thus the human being created by the city in the past, is now created by capital and its ideology.

    The left attacks the government over mysterious accident

  • CHP to table an investigation proposal about the mysterious traffic accident
  • DSP leader accuses security forces for cooperating with mafia

  • TDN Parliamentary Bureau

    ANKARA- Referring Sunday's mysterious traffic accident involving a deputy from the True Path Party (DYP), a well-known police chief and a suspected criminal on Interpol's most-wanted list, the Republican People's Party (CHP) chairman Deniz Baykal said, the recent developments have shown the existence of a sovereign entity within the state.

    Speaking at a CHP group meeting in the Parliament on Tuesday, Baykal stressed that recent incidents indicate that the state was gripped by underground organizations.

    Baykal called for an investigation of the connection between the trio. He said, state officials were being controlled by criminal organizations contrary to general opinion.

    The accident took place Sunday night in the Susurluk district of Balikesir province, in western Turkey. Huseyin Kocadag, a former security chief and Abdullah Catli, a suspected "ultranationalist" criminal were killed while Sedat Bucak, a DYP deputy was seriously injured. Also killed in the accident was Catli's girlfriend.

    Criticizing the attitudes of the Interior Minister andother government ministers over the incident, Baykal said the state failed to function in the most critical of times.

    "Does the state control such underground criminals, wanted by Interpol? What right do such people have to exist within an judicial framework? Does the state reach its objectives more easily by being involved with such criminal activities?" Baykal asked.

    Baykal said the recent incidents were the indicators of a cancerous tumor within the state's structure. He said such secret connections were the only reason why terrorism in Turkey could not be eradicated.

    The CHP leader said Turkey needed a more serious government to cope with such problems.

    Urging the public to stand against the authorities' efforts to cover up the incident, Baykal also said that his party would table an investigation proposal over the incident.


    Meanwhile Bulent Ecevit, the leader of the Democratic Left Party (DSP) said the dark conspiracies that decayed the state's structure had coincidentally been uncovered by such traffic accidents or murder attempts.

    He said wrong doings by security forces prevented such conspiracies from being revealed.

    On Tuesday Ecevit, spoke at a press conference in the Parliament and said, people in the most sensitive positions in the security forces were highly involved in organized crime and were ignoring the warnings by the state's intelligence organization.

    The DSP leader said the law had failed to use its instrument of deterrence and had been restricted during the last decade. He added that the state's control mechanism was deprived of its sovereign power, so it could not provide the necessary contribution in probing corruption cases.

    "The state is tied up by the conspiracies that are deteriorating itself." Ecevit said.

    Ecevit also pointed out the feudal structure in the southeast which gained permanency with the help of the state was one of the elements that frustrated the people. " State bodies, criminal organizations, the mafia and the feudal structure all together wrap around the entire state and the community like a spider's web", he added.

    He said that he was surprised by the neglectful attitude of the governing DYP members after the disclosure of the accident.

    Turkes rejects connections between Catli and the MHP

    Turkish Daily News

    ANKARA- The Nationalist Action Party (MHP) leader Alparslan Turkes rejected connections between his party and Abdullah Catli, suspected ultranationalist mafia boss who was killed in Sunday's traffic accident while travelling with a former police chief and a deputy from the True Path Party (DYP).

    Speaking at a press conference at the party's headquarters in Ankara, Turkes said Catli had joined one of the branches of the MHP 25 years ago. He said he has not seen Catli since then.

    Turkes said he did not approve commenting over the mysterious accident since the investigation is not complete.

    How a police chief and a criminal were in the same car and whether they knew each other will be made clear after the investigation is complete, Turkes added.

    Asked whether he was disturbed by the recent incidents that involved the criminals formerly affiliated with the MHP, Turkes said their alleged actions should be cleared out by court verdicts. He said Catli had not testified and no court decision had been taken against him, so there is not an evidenceproving him a criminal.

    Minister Yucel says Hajj issue is used as a tool for defamation

    Turkish Daily News

    ANKARA- Tourism Minister Bahattin Yucel said on Tuesday that some circles had recently launched a campaign to discredit his office.

    Yucel referred to a controversal report prepared by the Religious Affairs Directorate against his tourism firm in connection with the "hajj transportation and casinos.

    "He noted that all the allegations set forth in the report were fabricated except, the airplane delay. He said that the hajj issue was being used as an excuse to defame him.

    Yucel spoke at a press conference in Ankara, and said that some circles had been introducing events which had taken place three years ago as if they had newly occurred. He said he and his colleagues would continue to perform their duties without making any sacrifices from the regulations governing the hajj issue and casinos.

    Yucel said that some circles were disturbed by the backing his office has been receiving in regard to the casino issue. He stressed, that some circles said, that new practices in casinos had caused ,suicides, family frictions, and serious social problem.

    Because of this confusion, the minister continued, false reports were producedregarding the casinos to discredit his office and that the hajj issue was just an excuse.

    Yucel said that the second motive behind such a campaign is the economic interest revolving around the hajj issue. He recalled that nearly 60,000 people were planning to go to the hajj this year, a business potential totalling 120 million dollars net profit.

    Daily Cumhuriyet reported earlier that the coalition partners can not agree on how revenues from the lucrative "hajj transportation" trade would be shared this year.

    Islamist Welfare Party (RP) leader and Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan had angered his coalition partner Tansu Ciller by suggesting that pilgrims be transported by bus. According to the daily, Erbakan seems determined to grab trillions of liras of revenues from the transportation of the would-be pilgrims to Mecca, and from the sale of the skins of livestock which will be ritually slaughtered during the Feast of Sacrifice.

    "Traffic Monster" reveals state- mafia relations

    By Hakan Aslaneli and Zafer F. Yoruk / Turkish Daily News

    ISTANBUL- The infamous "traffic monster" of Turkey, which we blame for tens of victims of traffic accidents on Turkey's highways daily, helped this time to reveal the alleged relationship between the top- ranks of Turkey's state structure, the mafia and the ultra right- wing Ulkucu (the armed youth wing of the Nationalist Movement Party MHP]).

    Following a road accident on Sunday afternoon near Susurluk, Balikesir, a True Path Party (DYP) parliamentary deputy, a police chief and an extremist rightwing criminal who has been sought for 18 years by the security forces were found in the same car. The rightwing criminal, Abdullah Catli, and the former deputy security chairman of Istanbul, Huseyin Kocadag, died in the accident along with an little heralded woman, Gonca Uz, who is known for her affairs with characters from criminal underworld. The fourth person in the car, Sedat Bucak, DYP Urfa deputy and the head of Bucak tribe, the tribe that fills many of the ranks of the paramilitary forces in the Southeast known as "village guards", survived the accident with a fractured skull and a broken leg.

    In the boot of the wrecked Mercedes, five pistols of different types and sizes, two MP- 5 machine guns, silencers for these weapons and two listening devices were found. Also in the wreckage, a green passport and a number of police ID cards were discovered. An ID card in the name of Mehmet Ozbay which had been alleged previously that the Ulkucu murderer Abdullah Catli was using was also found by the police. It is alleged that the green passport, normally given to top state officials, was also in Catli's possession.

    It has been alleged that the only female victim of the accident, Gonca Uz, the girlfriend of Catli, was involved in the security service (MIT) but there has no official confirmation of this so far. It has also been learnt that Bucak, when being taken to Balikesir hospital after the incident talked about a white bag containing TL 10 billion and that upon this being said members of the Bucak tribe who came to the incident scene took the bag away from the car.

    Agar tries to cover- up

    The government has so far been silent over the incident but an official explanation is expected as the TDN goes to print. The undermining approach of the Minister of Interior, Mehmet Agar, who has been the focus of the press on Monday only helped to raise more suspicions regarding the incident. Agar at first claimed that Abdullah Catli was not in the car. Following the proof that Catli was among the victims, he shifted his position to make another untrue claim -- that Kocadag and Bucak were taking Catli to Istanbul to hand over to security forces.

    When it was asked him whether or not there will be an investigation into the incident, Agar said that this was an ordinary traffic accident and the local authorities would investigate it according to the traffic procedures. He claimed "there is nothing special" in the incident. But later on Monday, it was been revealed that all the four victims of the incident had stayed in the same hotel in Kusadasi for three days before setting off for Istanbul. In light of the new information Agar had to give up his earlier attempts to cover up and say that Bucak should speak.

    The obvious attempts by the Minister of Interior to undermine the importance of the road accident which symbolizes the web of relations between the security forces, the Ulkucu mafia, the special forces and the paramilitary troops (village guards) in the southeast, raises the question as to what Agar was attempting to cover up in his statements.

    The possible answer to the question came from Dogu Perincek, the leader of the leftwing Workers Party (IP), in a press conference on Monday when he claimed that the Minister of Interior and Deputy Prime Minister Tansu Ciller were at the head of a 700 strong conspirative organization consisting of the members of security forces, Intelligence Service (MIT), the Ulkucu mafia and the special forces.

    Perincek said that he had prepared a file containing the proof of his allegations and sent it to President Demirel and the Speaker of the Parliament during the Parliamentary investigation in June this year into the alleged misuse of funds by Mrs. Ciller.

    Perincek said that all the victims of Sunday's road accident were the members of this illegal organization. According to him, Catli was the leader of the Ulkucu mafia and the key person of Ciller's special crime ring.

    Doing the State's dirty work?

    Sunday's road accident is the fourth major incident which symbolizes the mafia- state relations in recent years. The first of these incidents is the "Civangate" scandal which began with the armed attack on the former manager of Emlakbank, Engin Civan, in 1994 over a matter of unpaid loans and services not rendered and continued with a series of trials and murders which concluded with the assassination of mafia boss Tevfik Agansoy in September this year. The most important angle of this scandal was the alleged involvement of the family of the deceased President Turgut Ozal in the affair.

    The second incident was the assassination of Agansoy. Agansoy, who was the hitman of one of the Ulkucu mafia leaders, Alaattin Cakici, had made statements claiming the involvement of Ozal family in the Civangate scandal which led to a war of words between himself and Cakici. The duel was concluded in September this year in Bebek, Istanbul with Agansoy's assassination but the hitman's death only to lead more scandalous question marks. Two special protection officers of Deputy Prime Minister Ciller, who were with Agansoy during the incident were also killed in the shooting. Their presence has not been explained.

    The third incident is the discovery of the Soylemez Brothers mafia gang this summer. the gang was mainly made up of police and army officers. The head of the gang is helicopter officer Faysal Soylemez, and among the top officials whose involvement in the gang are the former deputy chief of Istanbul Police, Deniz Gokcetin, and the former head of Istanbul Security branch, Sedat Demir.

    The traffic accident on Sunday is the fourth incident which "accidentally" brought together all of these former incidents.

    Abdullah Catli is one of the top names in the ultra right-wing terrorism of the "Ulkucu" militants of the 1970s; so were Alaattin Cakici and Tevfik Agansoy. All these three names were allegedly involved in MIT operations in the 1980s, including the raid on the camp of the Armenian guerilla group ASALA in Beirut in 1982. It is even alleged that although officially "wanted," Catli was one of the organizers of the Special Forces formed to be deployed in the Kurdish conflict in southeastern Turkey.

    The Soylemez Brothers gang, on the other hand, were caught with plans to raid the headquarters of the Bucak clan in Siverek, Urfa, the head of which is the DYP member of parliament (MP) Sedat Bucak, the only survivor of Sunday's car crash. The blood feud between the Bucaks and the Soylemez gang is allegedly based on the control of arms and drugs trafficking in Turkey and particularly in the South East.

    Super-prosecutor to clean up?

    On a TV show on Monday, the former chairman of Istanbul Bar Association, the lawyer Turgut Kazan, pointed out the need for an investigation in depth into the incident. Kazan said that an ordinary investigation, which would include a prosecutor who is to be assigned by the Minister of Justice and to be assisted by the police, would not to be trusted given the links between the mafia, politicians and the police force. In Tuesday's newspapers, headlines drew attention to the parallels between Turkey's case and the Italian situation in recent years and the need for the emergence of a "Di Pietro" in Turkey.

    A former top MIT officer, Professor Mahir Kaynak, ruled out in an interview with the TDN any optimism to emerge from Sunday's controversial accident.

    "There are not sufficient circumstances to go over this incident," he said. "No official investigation has been carried out into the secrete illegal dealings within the state so far, although everyone in the street is talking about them. Only an accident, a coincidence, could bring these conspiracies onto the official agenda. But I do not expect an investigation to go far enough because there are no independent powers able to do this. In Italy, Gladio collapsed with the intervention of the European Union, not of the Italians. There are no such conditions in Turkey. If a super-prosecutor like di Pietro came forward in Turkey, tomorrow he would be dragged through Taksim Square as an enemy of the nation."

    The victims are mourned

    Gonca Uz's funeral was held on Monday in Izmir with the participation of her family. Huseyin Kocadag's body was brought to Istanbul on Monday, where official ceremonies were held at the Security Headquarters and the Alevi temple at Zincirlikuyu where his family and acquaintances took part. Kocadag was buried in Ankara on Tuesday with an additional official ceremony.

    Abdullah Catli's body was taken after the accident to his hometown of Nevsehir by a 100 car convoy. Catli's coffin was covered with a Turkish flag during his funeral on Tuesday, which was participated in by hundreds of people. The wreaths from the heads of the Ulkucu mafia, were noted in the funeral. The recently caught Ulkucu hitman whose name was involved in the assassination attempt on the Pope by Mehmet Ali Agca in 1981, also sent a wreath to the funeral. The leader of the Greater Unity Party (BBP), Muhsin Yazicioglu MP, was one of the participants at the funeral. Yazicioglu said: "My friendship with Abdullah traces back 18 years from the Ulku Hearths."

    "I do not know if a relationship between politicians and the mafia exists or not... But if there was such a relationship, I would be amazed," said the tourism minister, Bahattin Yucel, on Tuesday at a press conference in Istanbul. Yucel will probably be the last person to find out about these relations, since all the coffee bars in Istanbul and around the country have been talking about this issue since the breaking of the news about the accident.

    The whole affair can be well illustrated by a story told by a Macedonian artist, Suzanna Milesvka. She recalls how at an arts exhibition held in a Monastery in Macedonia consisting of installation works and paintings, one of the works showed an archbishop, a drug dealer and a minister of foreign affairs together. All the three characters were invited to the opening of the exhibition. Suzanna was holding the Archbishop's arm helping the old man to walk around. When they came in front of the said piece, the Archbishop said: "What bad company for an Archbishop!" upon which Suzanna asked, "You mean the drug dealer?" And the Archbishop replied: "No, the minister of foreign affairs!"

    "The solution is in the slushfund spendings"

    A former top MIT official, Professor Mahir Kaynak, commented on the questions arising from the recent road accident for the TDN.

    "As I have said many times before, some people are organizing to rescue the state," Kaynak said. "They organize illegally since they claim that they would protect the state in spite of the law. The victims of the road accident are all the men of this struggle."

    When asked how the mystery in this accident could be solved, Kaynak said: "Find out about where the money from the slushfunds was spent and you will solve the mystery, because this money was neither spent in the MIT nor on the General Staff budget. It was given to somewhere outside these institutions."

    Kaynak was then asked if other interests might be involved in such illegal official organizations apart from the ideal of protecting the state.

    "The living standards of all these people are above those of normal state officials. It has been claimed that they are involved in drug trafficking, but it is also claimed that the income from these mafia dealings is used to finance the organization," he said.

    Kaynak says he is not optimistic that the road accident will lead to an overall clean-up operation of the state.

    "There are not sufficient circumstances to go over this incident," he said. "No official investigation has been carried out into the secrete illegal dealings within the state so far, although everyone in the street is talking about it. Only an accident, a coincidence, could bring these conspiracies onto the official agenda. But I do not expect an investigation to go far enough because there are no independent powers able to do this. In Italy, Gladio collapsed with the intervention of the European Union, not of the Italians. There are no such conditions in Turkey. If a super-prosecutor like di Pietro came forward in Turkey, tomorrow he would be dragged through Taksim Square as an enemy of the nation."

    We asked if mafia-state relations had these dimensions when he was in office in the 1960s and '70s, to which Kaynak replied: "No. There were the unofficial state organizations known as `Counter-guerilla' of course, but the MIT as an institution was not involved in it. As in the past, the MIT is outside of these secret organizations today. The MIT is clean, but its cleanness originates from its inability. I want to draw attention to the fact that Dogu Perincek, the person who has been making the allegations about a gang within the state led by Tansu Ciller,bases his allegations on the MIT reports."

    International Crime Ring under the command of Ciller and Agar

    The chairman of the Workers Party (IP), Dogu Perincek, spoke to the TDN on the road accident. Perincek pointed out that he had previously prepared reports about Ciller's alleged criminal gang and sent them to the President and the Speaker of the Parliament. Perincek said that he had mentioned in these reports the involvement of Abdullah Catli as a key person in the organization, and revealed the name that he bears on his fake ID cards, Mehmet Ozbay.

    Referring to the discoveries in the wreckage of the car after the accident, Perincek said: "The listening apparatus, weapons and silencers prove that we are facing a criminal organization.

    "This illegal organization is linked with the plans of the USA to make Turkey an intervention force in regions of crisis. This criminal ring was involved in a coup attempt in Azerbaijan against Haydar Aliev, which was personally conducted by Abdullah Catli. The US is trying to create a Turkey-Iran clash in Azerbaijan and Chechnya. But the primary region of crisis is for now northern Iraq. As the leading members of this organization, Abdullah Catli and Alaattin Cakici are involved in this issue. There is also the dimension of drug trafficking in this issue."

    Perincek claimed that the former Istanbul police chief and the present Istanbul DYP deputy, Necdet Menzir, and President Suleyman Demirel were against Ciller's alleged criminal organization and were fighting to reveal this organization to the press and public.

    DYP reveals concern over the accident

    Turkish Daily News

    ANKARA- The True Path Party (DYP) announced it is disturbed over the accident that resulted in the death of a criminal, a former police chief and the injury of one of its deputies, the Anatolia news agency reported.

    In a regular leadership meeting of the DYP's parliamentary group on Tuesday, Saffet Arikan Beduk, a senior member said they had no doubts that the authorities would investigate the matter.

    Beduk said they had discussed the matter during the meeting and agreed that many questions would be cleared up after the situation of Sedat Bucak, the DYP deputy who was injured in the accident, recovers.

    Beduk also criticized calls for appointing a magistrate with supreme powers to investigate the matter more freely. He said the sovereignty of the judiciary had been assured by the Constitution.

    Commenting about the presence of Bucak among the mysterious trio, Beduk said Bucak's case was different. He said Bucak had served for his country for years and his family fought against the terrorist PKK.

    "In case of an unlawful action, the judiciary and the law enforcement will surely do what they are supposed to do" Beduk added.

    He also assured that the DYP would back the investigation proposals, tabled by the opposition Motherland Party (ANAP) and the Republican People's Party (CHP).

    Group launches campaign to protect birds from extinction

    Turkish Daily News

    ANKARA- Bird Life International, an international bird-protection organization, has launched a campaign in Europe to protect a number of species of birds that are in danger of extinction, the Anatolia news agency reported.

    The organization has prepared a book called "Birds in Danger of Extinction Worldwide: Action Plan" in which it described the details of the plan to protect these birds.

    Deniz Oztok, an official from the Protection of Natural Habitats Association (DHKD) which will carry out the campaign in Turkey, said that there were 514 kinds of birds in Europe and that 24 of these were in danger of extinction unless protective measures were taken.

    Oztok said that the plan included 13 species of birds found in Turkey and that DHKD had already begun to implement the action plan.

    Yilmaz: "The incident only the tip of an iceberg"

    Turkish Daily News

    ANKARA- The main opposition Motherland Party (ANAP) leader Mesut Yilmaz said they were concerned over the government's silence on Sunday's accident, the latest ring of the mafia-state cooperation scandals chain, which may lead to a cover-up of the incident, the Anatolia news agency reported.

    Referring to an earlier statement by DYP leader Tansu Ciller, who said the state had collapsed, Yilmaz said they believed Ciller had further knowledge about the allegations of cooperation with the mafia.

    He said the accident was only the tip of an iceberg and urged the government to uncover further facts relating to the scandal.

    Yilmaz said the party had decided during Tuesday's party leadership meeting to file an investigation proposal to the Parliament.

    Asked whether he received a report about Abdullah Catli which is had been prepared by the National Intelligence Agency (MIT) when he had been the prime minister, Yilmaz said he is unable to disclose confidential MIT reports.

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